Stepmoney Day THREE

Thank you for being a part of the Stepmoney 2024 Virtual Summit. Here is where you will find the presentations for the THIRD day.

All presentations are available for 24-hours. If you would like more time to view the presentations please upgrade to either the Private Audio Podcast or the PowerPass which includes the private audio podcast, full access to video presentations and also an exciting digital product bundle. 


Financial Planning for Stepfamilies

Carole McKelvey

Carole McElvey

"Tools for Intentional Planning for Life as an Individual"

Tracy Gould Sheinin

Tracy Gould Sheinin

What Did Your Partner Agree to in Mediation?

Susan Shofer

Susan Shofer

How High Conflict Divorce and Parental Alienation Impacts the New Spouse

Melinda Levy

Melina Levy

Hard conversations and agreements as an act of love.